offerings to my clients

It's all about making a guess, trying it, and then learning from the experience.


Each project is different and presents unique problems to solve. Getting to think through the ideal architecture for any given product is like getting to work an intriguing puzzle. I enjoy studying and applying design matters help the maintainability of software projects.

Software Engineering

I enjoy writing programs for the server, creating APIs, working with queries to aggregate and generate reports and laying them out to support strategic decision making. Language doesn't matter (PHP / Java / Golang / Javascript).

Backend Development

I love to design and build scalable backend solutions using Go and Node.js. The applications I have been building include: Big data, ETL, RESTful API's, and automation. Express.js is still my go-to framework for building web servers quickly, that scale easily


CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) is one of my favorite architectural patterns because of its infinite scalability and potential for screaming throughput and performance.

Test Driven Development

I write, nurture and love clean, testable architectures. I was forced to learn and apply TDD when I was working for Pinger. Test-first development is, hands down, the best way to push a team of developers to uniformly higher-quality, more robust code.

Quick Learner

I have the curiosity to learn something new and perseverance to stick to something and eventually make sense of it. I eat two technology stacks and a Docker meal a day.


Your network is the new professional safety net.